About My Artwork

I started quite simply with sketching in pencil many years ago.  I’d had no instruction so was basically self-taught.  Later on I started to use soft pastels but later discarded them as I found them too messy.  Eventually I tried Pen and Wash which I found really easy and enjoyable.  Something I could just sit and sketch and colour in.  In more recent years I discovered acrylic and that is my favourite medium.  It’s very versatile and forgiving.  Many times I have painted over something I wasn’t happy with and eventually after a few layers achieved what I wanted.  More recently I have taken to watercolour, realising how creative it is, using salt, bleach and sharp objects such as the end of a brush or old credit cards to achieve different shapes and forms. Other media I’ve tried are Goache, watercolour pencils, metallic acrylic, metallic watercolour, inks, and Brusho but not oils.  I’m happy to experiment with different colours, styles and techniques.  My artwork varies from abstract to bold.  I have included portraits and botanical subjects such as plants, flowers, birds and animals.  I like to travel around the world and have included some of the places I have visited.  I am inspired by Van Gogh, Monet and David Hockney.  I enjoy Pointilism and Fauvism.  Impressionist art is probably my favourite although I also enjoy more modern artwork. I love bold, bright colours which is probably why I enjoy Van Gogh so much.  Painting my own projects has brought me deeper into the world of art and the more I paint the more I am drawn into this fascinating subject.


Let’s build something together.