Eric Porter as Harry Dominion in Kaleidoscope

Currently I am helping an author of a book called Eric Porter – The Life of an Acting Giant by Helen Monk. A few months ago she decided with my offer of help to update her book as it had been self published and the result was below standard. So I have been proofreading and editing it for her as well as painting portraits of the actor to go into the book. Continue reading Eric Porter as Harry Dominion in Kaleidoscope

Eric Porter 2

A second attempt with this amazing actor using just two colours in acrylic – Payne’s Gray and Titanium White. I always begin with the eyes as for me they are the windows of the soul and if they look right and I can capture the essence of the person, then the rest will surely follow and I can continue in the knowledge that at least if the eyes are right the rest will usually turn out how I want it. However, that really isn’t how it works out as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to … Continue reading Eric Porter 2