View from Hartland Quay Car Park

I chose this particular scene as it has a personal memory for me. Many years ago as far back as 1972 I sat with my brother and his wife on the rocks just the other side of the path. It goes down towards the sea eventually. The whole area is made up of folded slates and I’ve tried to capture the direction of the planes by using soft pastels. As my brother recently passed away I thought it would be a nice gesture as we spent hours sitting watching the tide coming in. It is a very poignant picture for … Continue reading View from Hartland Quay Car Park

Hunstanton Cliffs 2

The second of two paintings in watercolour of Hunstanton Cliffs this time using a different technique.  I used a 10mm angular flat brush to create the rippling effect of the sea. I used the same technique for the cliffs but vertical patterns as well as horizontal.  I used yellow ochre, vermillion, dark crimson, violet, ultramarine, dark green, raw umber and yellow.  Continue reading Hunstanton Cliffs 2