Guatemalan Art

This week’s art class was painting a subject and stylising it with a native art style. I chose an old glass vase and the patterns from a Guatemalan ornament that my daughter gave me last year. I struggle with still life and this was the second week we had to do it. I did this in watercolour but maybe it would have been easier in acrylic. Either way it wasn’t a subject I found very satisfying. It’s just a demonstration of what can be done. Continue reading Guatemalan Art

The Cat With The Pearl Earring

There are a lot of unusual and humorous ideas floating about at the moment during lockdown, one of them to re-compose a copy of the old masters. So I thought as my cat is rather an amusing character and I don’t really care for old portraits particularly, that it would be fun to reinvent it by using my cat as the subject with acrylics on acrylic A3 paper. Colours used were Mars Black, Titanium White, Payne’s Gray, Caeruleum Blue, Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Raw Umber. Continue reading The Cat With The Pearl Earring