A Narrative of Shakespeare

Okay so I have had a bad attack of perfectionist syndrome here. (above) It was never going to work out as I really hoped. Having said that I think I achieved what I needed to and that was a narrative about Stratford on Avon, Will Shakespeare and Eric Porter not to mention Macbeth. I decided to add the famous soliloquy after the death of Lady Macbeth as spoken by Macbeth. It is a very powerful piece and one that I have always remembered for its significant symbolism. The painting of Eric Porter on the right hand side has a dark shadow, on purpose…. to signify the darker side of this tragedy. Whilst on the left we have the Bard leaning casually on a plinth surveying his surroundings. In the background we have to the left the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre which both overlook the river Avon. Above is a rather crude attempt at writing the soliloquy – hence perfectionist syndrome. It will forever stick out like a sore thumb but hey this is just a practice….. calligraphy is definitely not my forte….. (below)

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